About Motivatit

Founded in 1971, Motivatit Seafoods is a leader in oyster farming and processing. We offer a full line of fresh and frozen oysters as well as custom packaging. The brands we have developed guarantee the quality and consistency you deserve and our leadership team is dedicated to serve you fully and courteously.


Quality Assurance

Our family harvests oysters in the waters along the Louisiana coast. The Mississippi River provides a continual flow of fresh water and the Gulf of Mexico provides the salt water. The mixing of the waters together creates a perfect environment for the reproduction and survival of our oysters.


Gold Band Benefits

The search for the perfect oyster is over! Gold Band Oysters are safe to eat and simple to open. They are truly “OYSTERS MADE EASY!”

Easy to open - No Attached Shell - Consistent Presentation - Non-detectable levels of bacteria - Reduced risk of injury to employees

Gov. Edwards Visits

Governor John Bel Edwards visited Motivatit Seafoods to meet with local oyster fishermen about their concerns for the industry. Steven Voisin of Motivatit Seafoods hosted the governor and members of the Oyster Task Force and the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for the joint meeting.