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Gold Band Oysters -Preshucked, Easy Open, Better Flavor, Better Shelf Life- Fresh

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Gold Band Oysters® are the award winning pre-shucked oyster made possible by our patented High Pressure Processing technology (HPP). The process reduces harmful bacteria, but uses no heat and therefore has no affect on the taste or texture of the oyster. In fact Gold Band Oysters® were judged the Best Tasting Fresh Raw Oyster by the professional chefs of The American Tasting Institute for 2002 and 2003.

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Gold Band Oysters -Preshucked, Easy Open, Better Flavor, Better Shelf Life- Fresh

    A busboy with a butter knife can shuck a dozen gold band oysters in about the time it takes to prepare salad. Ease of preparation and perfect presentation make Gold Band Oysters an obvious choice.Gold Band Oysters make it easy for a restauranteur to sell a high profit trendy item like freshly shucked oysters without hiring expensive specialized personnel.


    • Best Taste Award 3 years in a row American Culinary Institute
    • National Fisheries Institute - FINesse Award for Industry Advancement
    • Seafood Business' People of the Year - Ernie Voisin (inventor of HPP)

    Competitive Advantages

      • Award Winning Flavor
      • Extended Shelf Life
      • Quality Throughout Shelf Life
      • Better Product at beginning and end of shelf life
      • Can be Frozen
      • Perfect and Consistent Presentation(regardless of employee experience or skill)
      • Year Round Availability
      • No Cut or Mangled Oysters
      • No Attached Shell
      • Spoilage Bacteria Gone with HPP Process
      • Reduced Risk of Injury to Employees
      • Handling and Prepapration Video
      • Competitive Pricing

    Available In

    • 150 CT
    • 100 CT
    • Others Upon Request

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the shelflife of Gold Band Oysters®??

    21 days. Thanks to the benefits of our High Pressure Process Gold Band Oysters® enjoy a shelflife extension over traditional oysters. Thanks to our unique process Gold Band Oysters® do not have a taste degradation over time. We recommend you cycle inventory just as you do with traditional products to ensure the freshest oysters at all times.

    2. Does High Pressure Processing affect the taste or texture of the oyster??

    No. Since our process harnesses pressure and not heat we are not cooking the oyster and therefore there is no change to texture or taste. In fact, the American Tasting Institute selected Gold Band Oysters® as the best tasting fresh raw oyster in America for 2002.

    3. Are Gold Band Oysters® available year round??

    Yes. Thanks to our private farm of 16,000 acres of water bottoms and countless acres of public grounds, Gold Band Oysters® are available year round.

    4. Are Gold Band Oysters® farmed??

    Gold Band Oysters® are raised in regularly monitored natural waters.

    5. How are Gold Band Oysters® shipped??

    Gold Band Oysters® are shipped using refrigerated trucks, but can be air freighted to almost any location.

    6. How do I know Gold Band Oysters® have been processed??

    One of the benefits of the High Pressure Process is the pre-shucking of the oyster. This allows a great check on whether or not any given oyster has been processed. If after removing the band from a Gold Band Oyster® the oyster is not pre-shucked you would immediately know that the oyster had not been processed.

    7. Is High Pressure Processing the same as Pasteurization??

    High Pressure Processing is a form of NO HEAT pasteurization (or cold pasteurization). High Pressure Processing involves only 5 degrees farenheight of heat transfer and therefore does not suffer from taste or texture changes.

    8. Why are Gold Band Oysters® banded shut??

    There are two main reasons for the band. Since our process involves submersing the oyster in water we band them shut to insure that we maintain all natural liquor during processing. Also, after the oysters have been processed and the muscle detaches from the shell on both sides, the band ensures that the oyster doesn't open during shipment.

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