Motivatit Seafood

About Motivatit

Founded in 1971, Motivatit Seafoods is a leader in oyster harvesting and processing. We offer fresh and frozen products for distribution. Our brands guarantee the quality you deserve and our team is dedicated to service you fully and courteously.

Our patriarch, Ernest Voisin, together with his sons Michael and Steven Voisin, delivered on their initial plans to get involved in the oyster industry and make a difference. Our family business was built on the core principles of hard work, innovation, reliability, and integrity. We believe in being there for our customers through thick and thin.

Since the 1700's, when the first Voisin arrived in Louisiana from France, a respect for the environment has been passed down from generation to generation. Our ancestors, who first settled in Houma, Louisiana, learned quickly how to live off of the land and soon realized how plentiful yet unforgiving this area can be. Even though the pristine swamps and marshlands presented challenges for our forefathers, they discovered quickly how lush, rich and abundant South Louisiana truly is.

The Voisin’s have been bringing their harvest to market for Louisiana throughout the years and have found that many people in other parts of the United States, and around the world, have an appetite for their seafood’s unique flavor. Fed by some of the most healthy fresh water wet lands in the world and salted to perfection by the Gulf of Mexico, our oysters have the perfect combination of sweet and salt. When you are in the New Orleans area, we invite you to come down to Houma and let us feed you oysters off of the very oyster reefs our foregoers have harvested from for nearly 250 years!